Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wish You Were Here.

Here are some photos from where I am...

3rd down: Our truck for housing...named Black Betty. Black Betty is a hunk of crap but we love her anyways. She struggles to make it up the many hills of Kentucky, but with a little sweet talk and a few light slams every now and again, she does it.
Bottom: A view of the Kentucky River, deep in the backwoods. As Jesse and I were driving to a job, we stopped and climbed down a rock face to get this picture, so you had better appreciate it.
2nd down: My tool belt, so I can do my best carpenter impression....Ross, our crew leader and local hero, tells us that he's going to make a carpenter out of Joe, Monica, and I even if he has to marry us to a carpenter woman (or man). It just so happens that there is a family that goes by the name of Carpenter in a local town. Joe's carpenter woman is named Hester, Monica's carpenter man is Logan, and my carpenter woman is Buhla...or Beulah...I'm not sure of the spelling, sorry baby. When ever Joe and I do something really well, we say, "I don't need no carpenter woman!!!" But when ever we make a mistake, we say"...better give Buhla or Hester a call and tell her I'll be over soon." We asked Ross if our carpenter women were attractive, and he said, "oh son, prettier than a speckled pup." If anyone has ever seen a speckled pup, please let me know because I greatly desire to see this fabled creature.
Top: Leaves.

Yesterday, I went with anther work crew and so Joe, David, and Ross (our captain) were at the work site by themselves. Today, as we approached the work site, Joe said, "I will NOT be the first one to go to the door," as they all had whimsical/terrified/giggling faces.

Apparently, what went down was this, according to David: Ross had allegedly gone to the bathroom, or at least inside the house for a good 10 minutes. THEN David went to go to the bathroom, but the toilet was ROYALLY plugged with you can guess what. BUT, according to Ross, our crew leader and possible culprit, David was the perpetrator, using a mighty #2 to FANTASTICALLY plug the hell out of the toilet. Also reported by Ross was that David plugged the men's restroom at the gas station down the street, which can be confirmed by many eye witnesses.

But regardless, the plugging was so abominable, so fantastically vile, Ross had to make a special trip to the building supply store to get an industrial strength plunger to remedy the situation. "It's bad, real bad," Ross reported which was later confirmed from all who viewed (and smelt) the situation. The new super plunger did "fix" the situation, although after a sight like that, I doubt any of us will ever be the same.

Now, as chief investigator, I tend to think that it was Ross, because the evidence presented thus far points to him. But on the other hand, if Ross did in fact do such a thing, he would probably proudly claim it and have a good laugh. And, David is quite suspicious...though he did say that if he was blamed for this he would drive back to Florida right this minute.

Anyways, the search continues...penalties will be made...and enforced.

Cheers dearies.


Em J. said...

I love fall.

a.e. nee said...

beautiful shots kiddo

John said...

DUDE!! Come on!

Ok, two things.

First, the culprit is undoubtedly durchfall.

Second, the cause of said durchfall was the soup of the day...bread.

Great pics, bud. Praying for you as always (although, I've resorted to a semi-weekly rotation...sorry).