Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You're the only Ten I see...

Hey ya'll

So there will not be many posts, if any, for the next few days. I am currently down in Macon Cty. Tennessee doing disaster relief with CAP. Among the 74573 other programs CAP does, disaster relief may be second in my heart to housing.

So far, we have cleaned up fields, chopped logs, used chainsaws, and met many people. The first home we worked on was the Doziers. Mr. Dozier, 83, has lived in his home for his entire life. His wife has lived in the home for 60 years, ever since the two were married. Their barns and garages were completely destroyed and scattered around their yards and corn fields, but, the faithful home was untouched. But, as Mr. Dozier teared up and thanked us, he was full of prayer and thanksgiving that the most important things, their lives, were unharmed by the storms. I also felt good to be spreading the love with my corn farming brothers.

Today, I spent 7 hours chopping wood, only to find out that the family we were working for does not have a wood burning stove. .... But I DID get a free hot dog from the salvation army, which eased the pain.

Anyways, hope the world is safe and sound where you are. Cheers and farewell.

Good ole' Rocky Top (woo!)
Rocky top Tennessee.

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Anonymous said...

When I was your age, minus a year or three, Uncle Don subjected us to listening to Roy Clark who had a good rendition of "Rocky Top" in his repetoire. A mighty fine song if there ever was one, I dare say.

And you and your CAP compadres are mighty fine for doing what you are doing, I dare say. Cutting wood and listening to an older man's woes, both are "doing for your brother" as the good book says.

We pray for you and them!!