Monday, November 3, 2008

Pray before you vote.

Pray before you vote.


Anonymous said...

We did.

dies irae said...

"Day of wrath, day that
will dissolve the world into burning coals,
as David bore witness with the Sibyll.

How great a tremor is to be,
when the judge is to come
briskly shattering every grave…

The written book will be brought forth,
in which the whole record of evidence is contained
whence the world is to be judged.

Therefore when the Judge shall sit,
whatever lay hidden will appear;
nothing unavenged will remain…

That sorrowful day,
on which will arise from the buring coals
Man accused to be judged:
therefore, O God, do Thou spare him.

Faithful Lord Jesus,
grant them rest.
-Excerpts from the prayer "Dies Irae"

Now the battle begins...

dies irae said...

Check this news out. Because the marriage amendments in three states passed homosexuals are calling for churches and even Christians being attacked. Is this a foreshadowing of "Obama land"?