Thursday, February 5, 2009

A sign of things to come.

These articles are disturbing to anyone but tell the results of a country that allows and supports abortion. This horrifying story from Miami showcases the true nature of abortion in our country. As if we needed more evidence to prove how ridiculous the notion is that abortions promote healthy options for those with unwanted pregnancies. How often have we heard the argument, "Well, we have to have abortion in our country because if we didn't there would be back alley abortions which would be horrifying, violent, and often botched." This story, unfortunately and sorrowfully not uncommon, shows how yet again, the arguments of the left, the pro-death democrats, and all who support abortion are empty, violent, and not intended for the common good.

The question on my mind, the question the this article begs us to ask, if we can muster the stomach, is "Does this act signal a pattern?" If one considers the evil ideology of abortion, we must ask ourself, "What is the logical and likely end to such ideas and practices?" Will it stop with the senseless and horrific killing of our unborn children? Or will it proceed to include other defenseless populations? Have we seen the practice of killing the defenseless and "unwanted" populations in the past? What happened to societies that adopted similar philosophies and practices? So, not only is this post about this issue or this instance alone, but how we view life in its most fragile stages.

Thanks to B. Hussein Obama, these 'humanitarian' practices for the health of women can be exported using U.S. public and private money. How will exporting these practices improve the world's opinion of us?


Christopher J said...

One striking thing about the first article is that the goverment -- the protector and savior of us all, e.g. Medicare, Welfare, Stimulus, Unemployment -- had so little interest in this child's protection. But, rather, it took the uprising of an independent, INFORMED conscience, to protect the most vulnerable of her CITIZENS. Praise God for the Thomas More Society's pursuit of Justice!

dies irae said...

Pray, pray, pray some more and bombard the gov't switchboards and mailboxes with protests. The pro-child-holocaust nutcases have slithered their way in through these means and more so now we just have to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday we watched an old, yet very well done movie that showed life in rural Mississippi in the late 1950's/early 1960's.

A couple things I was thinking about that I believe were a true description of how people were in reality thinking at that time in history were, firstly, how the 60 year old crusty land owner wanted more than anything else to have grandchildren.

He was intense with his desire to have them, and in the movie had none.

Also, this same person, who really never was shown doing any real labor on his estate, was absolutely ecstatic when one of the horses had a baby colt. He was on his knees in the hay taking care of it and seemed overjoyed by the sight of a new born animal on his ranch.

He seemed to really respect new life. In the end, the movie indicated that he might get his wish soon after all.

How in the world did we get to where we are today relative to new life??

How and why are we so cavalier about babies in the womb??

Where did we get the idea that it was our decision whether or not a baby lived??

Looking back in history not very far we see how tough it was to have a baby, then to have it survive until adulthood. Many diseases and maladies awaited any one born just a few short years ago.

Feb 12 is the 200th b-day of both Darwin and Lincoln. Both of these famous people had a child die when the child was a youth. It was devastating for them.

People in town we know, one which we went to MCHS with, had their daughter die as a youth when she was doing well and seemingly healthy, but became ill. The wake was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed and to this day I feel sad for the parents and family.

You are right. Where does this line of thinking lead us??

Prayer is needed, but so is action.

St. Augustine said something to the effect, "Pray as if everything depended on God, but act as if everything depended on you"

Thanks for this posting. Keep on with the cause.