Thursday, September 24, 2009

The future of HTNL

Lately I've been pondering the future of this blog.

Initially, I started writing as a volunteer blog with CAP, then as a winemaker/vagabond blog. Throughout the entirety of this experiment I've tried to defend and show the glorious beauty of a devout Catholic life.

I'm wondering if I should continue writing it as I have many other things pulling me away. I'm wondering if this project is relevant or beneficial for anyone. I will take your comments into consideration.

Holler back.



phampants said...

I need more of your hot love.

John said...

One of things I miss the most about our lack of proximity is that I no longer am able to hear your random musings. However, this has been a good fix for my itch. While this certainly doesn't provide an opportunity for dialogue, I have immensely enjoyed reading your blog over the past two years. And whatever you decide, you, your wife and your many children will be in my prayers always.


Anonymous said...

Yep, tough being out there in the working world.

No more Ale 8, no more mountain hikes, no more wine testing.

So please, even if reduced in volume, do not take away our beloved blog!

dies irae said...

Where would my life be without it? hmm...I might actually spend less time on the internet.

It's good to read the things you have to say, but there is a time and season for everything.

Anonymous said...

We know we speak for many, most of whom never comment online, but who look forward to your postings. Ws feel a connection and insight into your life in much deeper and more meaningful ways than mere newsy emails would afford.

You needn't have a consistent topic. Your stream-of-consciousness posts are some of your best - pure insight into your thought processes.

If you were inclined to do so, many of us would love to hear a dump of your thoughts on experiences at work: the clinical, the human, the gross lab aspects, your encounters with interesting and quirky people... Perhaps there are privacy/secrecy requirements to some of this

Whatever you want to write about, we enjoy hearing from you.

If it is not a chore, if you still enjoy the writing...we hope you will continue to share yourself and your life with us. We would miss it.

Love ya. Kevs & Lor