Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sorry B.O.

I'm not sad that Chicago lost the Olympics. In fact, it fills me with glee and giddiness that the IOC, possibly the most corrupt institution outside of Cook County, IL, snubbed B.O, Mrs. B.O, Oprah and our old friend Michael Jordan. Apparently, though 'widely popular' abroad, B.O.'s popularity could not get Chicago out of the first round of city selection.

This decision did not come as a total surprise to me. What was the dominant story of the summer domestically other than B.O.'s attempt to make America into Canada Jr.? It was the violence of Chicago; multiple murders every week, gang violence and the like. Even leading up to the Olympic decision, the violence in Chicago was on a national and international stage as two other young men were horribly and tragically beaten this very week.

Then, we have the widespread opposition of Chicagoonians themselves. Various polls, one even by the Chicago Tribune had near half of Chicago residents being opposed to having the games. And why shouldn't they be? The financial strains would be staggering. Atlanta is still paying off their Olympic bill from '96 and Montreal hadn't stopped taxing their citizens for their Olympics until 2007. Throwing billions of dollars into the most politically corrupt state in the country and the most politically corrupt city in the Western world would certainly result in disaster.

Finally we have the message of B.O. regarding America's world identity. From his travels to the Mideast, to his drippy, sappy domestic speeches (of which there have been hundreds since his Inauguration) to his recent escapade of shame at the U.N; the message of B.O. is that America is not special, America is not exceptional, and that Americans should be ashamed of their country's history (especially the last 8 years of it). This shows a major disparity of his rhetoric and reality. If America is not exceptional, why should we have the Olympics here? Seems hard to hold both positions simultaneously.

A major implication of Chicago's international humiliation (1st round elimination, even behind Tokyo who made a ridiculous pitch of having a "green Olympics") is the consequence for our fearless leader B.O. The anointed one has received widespread doubt and disapproval of his speedy attempt to "remake America" (translation: make American a Euro-Socialist nation). The failure of B.O. to bring an Olympics to his home town now draws international doubt from...

Canada -- "With an incredible rapidity, America's status as the world's pre-eminent superpower is now passing away. This is a function both of the nearly systematic abandonment of U.S. interests and allies overseas, with metastasizing debt and bureaucracy on the home front.And while I think the U.S. has the structural fortitude to survive the Obama presidency, it will be a much-diminished country that emerges from the 'new physics' of hope and change."

and England as well --"There has been a growing narrative taking hold about Barack Obama’s presidency in recent weeks: that he is loved by many, but feared by none; that he is full of lofty vision, but is actually achieving nothing with his grandiloquence."

But, ultimately, this is a good thing for Chicago. Having B.O. embarrassed on the international stage is just a bonus. But, I'm afraid, B.O's embarrassment will be a much more common theme in the months and years to come, as nations realize we are being led by a man who has accomplished nothing and has no experience at all.



John said...


Chicago might survive! Why would any city want to host the Olympics with the staggering bill they would have to pay to accommodate the IOC?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this will help us focus on the real problems needing real solutions, not just pipe-dreams.

The Tribune is blowing all kinds of sunshine toward our "effort", almost to a humorous level.

One columnist actually lamented that we could not know the real reason the voters voted as they did because they were "secret ballots".

How can one lament what is possibly the single greatest freedom that people can enjoy?