Saturday, March 13, 2010

Words not to be paired together

I've been funded through some of the stimulus money to inform the world regarding various groupings of words that simply should not go together.

1. Chinese food buffet (speaking from unfortunate experience)
2. Catholic democrat
3. Sleeveless t-shirt
4. Dog sweater
5. Discount toilet paper
6. Modern design
7. Men's capri pants
8. Jesuit opening hymn written in 1972
9. Thrift store sleeping bag
10. Director George Lucas
11. Boxed wine
12. Light beer
13. Discount cheesecake


dies irae said...

Selfless politician
"green" industry
government health-care

...boxed wine?! That's a good deal...

Christopher J said...

You forgot these:

1. Thrift-store Underwear
2. Low-fat Mayo
3. Andy Razor

dies irae said...

Uneventful Workfest...

Anonymous said...

Cubs in World Series

Happy camper

Government transparency

Christopher J said...

Oh, and this one:

4. Ozzie Guillen Sanity

dies irae said...

Woohoo! No accidents during all three weeks of Workfest on the west side except me backing into a bus and Robyn pointing that out to the groups at closing. Talk about "eat crow pie".