Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish

Absolutely nothing has been going on here lately. NOTHING.

The thing about living in the middle of nowhere is, there is nothing to do. In southeastern Kentucky, if only one or two snowflakes hit the ground, sirens go off, school is canceled, all prepare for the apocalypse, and our vehicles are "grounded" so we must stay at home. When this happens we are forced to resort to do anything to keep ourselves busy in the house, in the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere.

Jesse and I went sledding down the dam wall up near camp. It is quite steep and there wasn't much snow. We decided to use our lasagna pans to sled down the dam wall. But, the dam wall is quite bumpy because it is man made. The plan was not well thought out or well executed and the lasagna pans were unforgiving. We were punished for our adventures, by the pans, but it was well worth it.

Kevin has been leading us in putting on a new roof on a house in Jackson county. Roofs are a particular challenge to me. Being a hobbit of small stature, I am not at all fond of heights. I belong on the ground or under it. Also, metal roofing is horrid during all times of the year, but when the temperature dips below 20 degrees and ice and snow coat the slick tin roof surface, metal roofing is even worse. Kevin, Jesse and I ripped off the 50 year old tin roof and put on a brand new fire engine red metal roof. After we ripped off the old roof, we discovered there was no sheeting under it, just old, rickety, rotting cross beams on the rafters. So, while trying to lift up the metal roofing onto the slick roof, all we had to balance on were the rotting cross rafters. It was quite the adventure. Kevin was scampering all around the roof, fearlessly and acrobatically while I was clutching on the top of the roof and trying not to fall in through the ceiling. Kevin said, "if you slip and start to slide off the roof, just slam the back of your hammer in the roof to catch yourself." We ended up finishing the job, safe and sound. And I managed to soil myself only 3 times, which is quite an improvement.


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Christopher J said...

Sweat pants, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yeh, give me the old shingle roof any day. Lots less slick on frosty mornings.

Sounds like time to throttle down.

Good for a little GRE prep maybe?