Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The End has Come

My last day with CAP is on Friday when I will begin my next journeys. These last days have been marked by my training our two new housing guys, Chris and Ryan (aka, my padawon learners).

For my last post with CAP, I will answer any unanswered questions you may have about this year; volunteering, the beaver, DavidFrank's smell or anything else. Just respond to this post with your questions. (after all these months, I am out of new ideas).



Anonymous said...

Question 1 - Why did you leave facebook? I can't stalk you anymore.

Question 2 - Please entail all of the socioeconomic characteristics of the year in the space provided. Why are poor people poor?

Question 3 - There has been a long-standing debate on which group is better: CAP or CapCorps. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a beaver update/final tribute would be appropriate.

Christopher J said...

I challenge you, placing your dignity and honor in the balance, to not leave K-tuck until the beaver is dead. You could always sell pelt to make a bit of bank for future adventures.

Anonymous said...

Question 1: If the STARS align, will you be back?

Question 2: Could you please list Jesse's 'top five most dateable girls at CAP'?

Question 3: The age old question: Jackson vs. Johnson...who wins?

Anonymous said...

1. If the STARS align will you be back?

2. Could you please list Jesse's top 5 most datable girls at CAP?

3. The age old question, Jackson vs. Johnson...who wins?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Handy.

You and your blog were a blessing.

Long live the storm and adventures.

Cheers mate.

See you in November.

In Christ.