Monday, March 9, 2009


Prez. B.O. has lifted restrictions on the use of embryonic stem cells. This horrible decision further extends the moral culpability of misguided and foolish Catholics who voted for B.O. And, more important and more devastating is that undoubtedly this decision will lead to the deaths of countless defenseless unborn citizens and the further degeneration of Western society. I wonder if keeping our country's economy in peril, killing the unborn and eroding the constitutional and ethical foundations of our country is the great hope the 54 percent of Catholic B.O. voters had in mind. Some might see this as hope. Most do not.

This decision is unnecessary, as this article shows, and further advances the theory that B.O. has no idea what he's doing. Why should we expect him to, he has no real governing experience at all to draw from.

I found this quote on Yahoo out of all places from a professor from Princeton out of all places. Odd to find it but very pertinent.

"Princeton University politics professor Robert George, a Catholic and another member of the Bush-era Council on Bioethics, said the moral argument over embryonic stem cell research is not rooted in religion but in ethics and equality. He said research shows that an embryo is a human being in its earliest form of development, so we have to ask ourselves whether all human life should be treated equally, with dignity and respect.

"I don't think the question has anything to do with religion or pulling out our microscope and trying to find souls," George said. "We live in a pluralistic society where some people believe there are no such things as souls. Does that mean we should not have moral objections to killing 17-year-old adolescents?"

I'm just happy there is one Catholic at Princeton. I'm also impressed that his point cuts right to the heart of the matter; is the unborn baby a person? Classical philosophy says yes, scientific research that is not politicized says yes, Christ's Church says yes, and common sense says yes.

Prayer and fasting are needed for our country and for the souls senselessly killed under our country's perverted laws regarding human life.


Anonymous said...

What would happen if a scientist discovered that taking the life of a healthy 17 year old and harvesting cells could provide scientists with enough of "something" to help 1 or more sick people, who were terminal, to live?

Funny how the above is unconscionable, but creating a market, and thus a demand, for abortion by the legality to harvest cells from the dead baby is somehow justified.

I still like the bumper sticker that says:

"If it is not a baby, you are not pregnant."

dies irae said...

"Equality" is only understandable to liberals when it concerns someone who thinks like they do...or rather doesn't think like they don't.

Anonymous said...

Mr. George has been the token conservative at Princeton for some time. He is impeccably ethical, impressively thorough, and a very clear and concise communicator.

Hillsdale College had the good fortune to have him as their commencement speaker a few years back.

When he speaks to an issue, I always listen.