Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On trust.

This passage is from tomorrow' s first reading - Jer 17:5-10

Thus says the LORD:
Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings,
who seeks his strength in flesh,
whose heart turns away from the LORD.
He is like a barren bush in the desert
that enjoys no change of season,
But stands in a lava waste,
a salt and empty earth.
Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
whose hope is the LORD.
He is like a tree planted beside the waters
that stretches out its roots to the stream:
It fears not the heat when it comes,
its leaves stay green;
In the year of drought it shows no distress,
but still bears fruit.
More tortuous than all else is the human heart,
beyond remedy; who can understand it?
I, the LORD, alone probe the mind
and test the heart,
To reward everyone according to his ways,
according to the merit of his deeds.

Especially relevant given our current economic turmoil. It is also pertinent in advising who to put our trust in - be it Caesar(whichever Caesar happens to sign the bills), ourselves, or the Lord. For even in the deepest, longest deserts of our lives the Lord nourishes and comforts us.

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Anonymous said...

This morning I was gifted to be able to be at the 8:10 daily Mass at the Holy Ghost Parish in old Chippewa Falls, WI. It was 0 degrees, but the Mass was well attended.

It was the children's Mass for the parish school.

The reading you printed here was read by a young lady in about 5th grade whose voice was strong with very good articulation.

That made the message even clearer, and it was so beautiful to hear it from someone at an age that is refreshingly trusting and loving.

For some reason as she read about the barren tree I pictured the many dormant deciduous trees hear in west central Wisconsin.

But you know, quite miraculously I might add, soon enough these will bloom with greenery and flowers so fresh and real.

They stand tall and steadfast through long cold winter days and the darkest nights, but they do not lose their good roots, and they draw the soil's nourishment and once again get green and bear fruit.

As you say, let us keep our trust and roots in Jesus and weather the current storm of poor governing. There are many who will stand with us and work to bring us out of this dark time, to new light!!