Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Articles Today

One by the CEO of Whole Foods (organic, green, yuppie headquarters of every yuppie area of any city) who actually is AGAINST Obamacare, which will without doubt ruin this nation.

Another, the hilarious response of the liberal yuppies to this great article.

One by the American Papist.

Another, a transcript with Columnist to the World, Mark Steyn.

Lastly, one by the Washington Times, on the Obama health care double talk.


dies irae said...

One of the sad things is that it seems to be an unwritten rule that if you are "granola", you have to be a liberal and blindly go where the liberal heroes (named Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Judas...) say to go.

The wife and I shop at whole foods every now and then, but I think we just might do it a little more.

dies irae said...

Also, these Obamazombies that are boycotting Whole Foods are using the very same system that that they are rebelling against; the same that John Mackey is trying to keep going by his ideas for healthcare reform. It's the principles of free market; the type they will lose when their gods pass the legislation.

The basis is that if they don't like something, as in the case of Mr. Mackey's statements, they can go somewhere else. If I don't like SG's blog, I can go read something else. When Skippy the President passes his so called "health care" reform, it will be a single payer system with no alternatives. If they don't like it, tough, they can just not use it while they...and those suffering from their poor choice...are taxed beyond reason and are denied the very same right of choices they are using to fight against, which in itself gives them the rights.

Then again, that's who this administration wants more of.