Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mark Steyn

Up next: Birth panels! From the Daily Mail:

Bed Shortage Forces 4,000 Mothers To Give Birth In Lifts, Offices And Hospital Toilets

C'mon, America, let's make it happen! Let's do it for Teddy!


dies irae said...

When the media is finished deifying Kennedy and Obamacare is passed because it would honor his memory so much there won't be full labor beds. Instead, it will end up being that the imperial government will kill the babies they deem non-productive to the future of society.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare will not be passed.

It's lunacy has crystallized and motivated the opposition.

Keep the Faith!

John said...

I really thankful that my wife and I don't live in Canada...although, we're still praying that Obama keeps his long fingers out of our healthcare.

dies irae said...

Yeehaw!!! My wife got a letter from Nancy-Ann DeParle (gov't socialist) wanting her to listen to Biden's spiel about why we need healthcare reform and then wants her to upload a video saying why her situation is in need of this reform. To finish up, the gov't is wanting her to take an online quiz to find out the "truths" of the fascist run medical industry.

Apparently, they have taken me off the list. Bummer.

John said...

Really, when you think about it, it's not that bizarre. When you factor in the left's desire for abortion on demand, it only makes sense that they think that fewer maternity beds is acceptable as well.

John said...

Yay UK!!! You've done it again!