Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Most Exciting News

I am pleased to announce to you all, the HTNL nation.... that my wife and I are expecting our first child this May 1st! This is by far the most exciting and wonderful news of our lives to date as well as our greatest joy. From our engagement we had been asking God to bless our marriage with many children, who are the greatest blessing.

We've already had 2 doctor's appointments and our OB is an awesome, strictly pro-life doctor in St. Louis. My wife relayed that it is incredibly refreshing to have a doctors visit where the doctor doesn't try to force birth control on you or say something to the extent of, "Pregnant already? That was fast." We were even able to show him our NFP charts and he was very familiar with them and could provide insight as well! Their office has a crucifix in every room and even a relic from a saint in the lobby. Not your average OB office that has a jar of condoms in the lobby and hands out birth control like its candy. Ask yourself which of these two promote true health. "Do no harm?"

But everything looks good and healthy and we could clearly see baby on the ultra sounds, moving around like crazy! My wife is just now able to feel baby moving around and I even felt baby move as well. The whole process is the most amazing miraculous thing I have ever witnessed. As an aside, if you ever see an ultrasound, even in the first, very early months of pregnancy, you will find it impossible to be pro abortion. So if you have been reading this blog and find the pro-life arguments hard to believe, just go see a live ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy. If you do this, you will not be pro abortion. Just try it, you'll see...

We're now embarking on the many faceted journey of doulas, breast feeding, wooden toys, formula, natural birth, and cloth diapers. Several debates and decisions lie ahead, but we welcome them with joy and with the necessary... humor.

The front-running names now are --
For a girl: Lilly, Lucy, Bernadette, Anna Lee, and Katherine
For a boy: Athanasius Contra Mundum Jackson (Jack), Maximilian Kolbe, Gabriel, Winston Owen, and John Henry

Please pray for us as we will for you.


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Anonymous said...

We are thrilled and praying for baby every day!