Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Dear Citizens of Missouri,

Due to recent run ins with incompetence, I must relay the following information. Your state seems to not have gotten the memo about the left lane on the highway which is designated for driving fast, and the right most lane which is designated for driving slow as dump. Please immediately cease and desist driving very slowly in BOTH lanes simultaneously, forming an idiot shield where none can pass. No wonder your state Dept. of Transportation has those 55 mph speed limits on your highways. To put this in terms you can understand: left lane is for "git git gittttttt vrrooooommmmm, git git git." and right lane is for "slowwww woahhhhh woahhhhh."

Merry Christmas,

Samwise Gamgee


Anonymous said...

That's good advice!

John said...

It seems like I need to send the same memo to Coloradon's. We like to call that a "Colorado Roadblock".