Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Impressions of the Olympics

-How many of these athletes from around the world that compete for other nations actually were either 1.) born in the United States or 2.) train in the United States?

-Have the Olympics become irrelevant? Without great images like Jesse Owens atop the podium in Berlin or a US hockey victory over Russia in the midst of the Cold War I ask if there are any true conflicts anymore in the declining West what with the infection of relativism and multiculturalism? If we're all multicultural and whatnot, what's the point of having games? To compete as the Canadians seem to imply in some sort of second grade soccer game where everyone gets a trophy? Seems like a waste of time if that's all it is.

-Canada sure is coming off as pretty lame eh?

-Can the figure skating uniforms get any more ridiculous?

-Can they incorporate shooting into figure skating in some way? Seemed to make cross country skiing a bit more interesting.

-The short track speed skating - pretty intense and fun... but the winners seem to be the ones who happen not to fall down.


Christopher J said...

The other complaint that I had was that most the outdoor events seem to be determined largely by the weather: ski jump (wind direction), cross country (start time since it started raining, then snowing, then got sunny), etc. That was frustrating; or at least the commentators complaining about it over and over agin was frustrating.

Favorite event so far: short track speed skating -- Apolo is amazing.

dies irae said...

I think the speed track racers need body armor and ninja swords to make it more interesting.