Friday, January 29, 2010

Mark Kirk sucks

Dear Citizens of Illinois,

Mark Kirk would be a horrid choice for the Illinois US Senate seat. Mark Kirk is a liberal, pro-abortion, phony Republican. He is not to be trusted. Please vote in this Tuesday's primary for anyone other than Mark Kirk. He is the only pro-abortion Republican running. Kirk bastardizes the Republican name and is one of the maliciously minded and misguided individuals committed to dragging the Republican name down to join the Democrats in their genocide of the unborn.

I would suggest you vote for Patrick Hughes. Mr. Hughes holds true conservative principles and convictions. In fact, Mr. Hughes is getting the HTNL endorsement. Read more about Mr. Hughes here.

John Arrington (R), also running for Senate has a wonderful response to the abortion issue:

"Life begins at conception...Having spent 25 years working with youth on the front lines of the pro-life movement, this is a passion and a priority for me. Realizing the American dream of unlimited opportunity and freedom and the potential for boundless achievement in this country begins at birth. Infinite genius, intellect, brilliance, imagination and inventiveness literally go down the drain through abortion at a time in history when our communities and our country need these qualities the most. Nowhere is this impact felt greater than in black communities where a silent genocide is taking place with almost 1500 black babies being aborted everyday in America. I am a strong opponent of abortions and would join with other Republicans, independents and blue dog Democrats in supporting a Henry Hyde type amendment banning federal funds for abortions."
(Chicago Tribune)

Regardless of who you choose, please do NOT choose Mark Kirk.


bcb said...

Great minds think alike...I also endorse Patrick Hughes for the primary....

dies irae said...

It's interesting that, as statistics say, the majority of Americans are against elective abortions, but politicians continue to cram this mental disorder into our lives despite that.

It continues to be confirmed that most are not working for us who elected them. Kind of resembles a democratic dictatorship where we elect our dictators.

Anonymous said...

Well said dies irae.

How did we ever get to this point?

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.