Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeah Scott Brown is great but....

Scott Brown is pro-abortion. Sorry, folks. I know it's exciting to watch him try to pull a huge upset in the bluest state in the union. But, this guy is pro-abortion. He is against partial birth abortion, or so he claims, and insists on a minor informing her parents. Good starts to be sure. But he also claims, "the 'choice' should ultimately be between a woman and her doctor." Good logic. The next time I want to commit grand theft auto, or engage in an act of unprovoked unjust war, or commit mass crimes against humanity I'll be sure to consult my doctor first. He'll know best. And, what's more, it's sure to hold up in a court of law. "But your honor, I consulted with my doctor and he says its just fine to steal Mr. Brown's car." Coming from a person who reads a great quantity of scholarly articles written by M.D.'s every single day (me), the M.D. is the LAST person you want to go to when it comes to ethics. If I was on my death bed in a coma and there would be one person chosen to make life and death decisions for me, I would put the MD toward the bottom of the list - behind farmer Bill, a welder, a feed store clerk, and a drywall mudder. (Notice no government workers making my life and death decisions - the ranks of which our M.D.'s may join some day as they have already in the U.K.)

When I see a weak Republican (or Democrat) say, "Well, I'm pro-abortion but against partial birth abortion" I always would like to ask "why are you against partial birth abortion but not all abortion.?" Is there an metaphysical change in the baby from 5 months 3 weeks and six days in the womb to 6 months in the womb? Nope. Any scientific backing to say that a baby at conception is metaphysically different than a baby at 6 months or 9 months or 67 years old? Nope. Well, looks like you're at best illogical or at worst a complete imbecile. "I would rather you not kill your child in general, but we should allow it so long as a doctor approves but only to the 6th month, an arbitrary non-scientific date not supported by any philosophy or research, at which point you may not murder your child even though the baby is metaphysically identical to the previous two trimesters when murder is allowable." Seems odd does it not? Like saying, "Well, I'm against slavery, but I wouldn't want to see laws against it." "Slavery is between a slave owner and the person who sells him the slaves." "The usage of drugs should ultimately be between the addict and his pusher, the one person who can be relied on to make choices in the best interest of the person currently being exploited." How absurd.

It would be nice to see a Republican take this seat and halt the disastrous health care plan. But, on the downside, we're getting a weak fool on a philosophical level. I applaud his service in the military and his commitment to limited government, balanced budgets, and traditional values (except his illogical support of abortion). But, you cannot reject the primary right of humanity and retain any standing of respect in my opinion. He'd be better than Teddy (obviously) but essentially holds the same position as Teddy on the most important issue.

Quote of the day:
"And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever"
-T. Jefferson.


dies irae said...

Whew! For a while there I thought you were eaten by an angry bear because there were no posts!

The problem with this mess is either a "pro-early term abortion" politician gets in or a "pro-any term including birth" politician gets in. There is a lesser of an evil, but the point is that they are both evil.

The other disgrace is this "health care reformed to gov't controlled death" bill will probably force any politician that is against abortion to either be for abortion or not run for office. So there would be slim chance of getting rid of this horrid event!

Ain't the government wonderful?! (Sarcasm included)

Anonymous said...

Good slavery analogy.

With the data on black babies being murdered (called abortion) in the womb at such an alarmingly high percentage rate, I would think blacks would be more vocal about the rights (spelled RIGHT TO LIFE) of those babies. How on earth can it be OK to murder black babies in the womb but be horrific to kill a black person who is out of the womb, (example being on our city streets). You can't draw a fine line between when it is OK to kill and when it is not, as the blog points out.

I will still be happy to see a Republican win this election.

Here is a thought.

Why has our "citizen elected" congress now decided that they have the power to vote completely against the wishes of the very citizens who elected them?

These upcoming elections cannot come fast enough.

I also was looking around for a pleasingly plump grizzly bear.

Reminds me of a good rule of thumb for wilderness hikers.

Carry pepper spray and wear little bells to cling while you walk to alert bears in the area of your presence so they will not be startled and attack you.

Also, black bears are not as big and dangerous as grizzlies, so a good idea is to look for bear scat as a sign that bears might be in the area.

If the scat is small pellet size and black, it is likely black bear scat. Worry a little, but not much.

If it is has larger clumps, smells of pepper and has small bells in it, best to: Run Bubba, Run!