Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Misty Mountains

South East Kentucky. It's early September and it's hotter than new love out here. Ross, our fearless crew leader and contractor, coined this phrase and uses it more than he drops stink bombs near our work area (which is quite often). The following entries shall be devoted to my year in Kentucky, working as a full time volunteer in the Appalachians rebuilding homes and doing my best carpenter impression. I hope also that the blog will serve all my family and friends who may be wondering what I am actually doing down here as our only means of communication are 1. carrier pigeon, 2. smoke signals, and 3. some sort of pony with a rider, possibly an old civil war veteran (cell phones rarely work here). At any rate, this week starts our orientation, up at camp. We will be learning the ins and outs of the volunteer experience. We need to get packing and be off through the woods to make it to camp just in time for me to miss the Bears season opener. But, when I return from orientation, you will all learn the hilarity, adventure, and details of being a volunteer in the Appalachians.

saying of the day, by Ross, "This truck is weaker than cat water"

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