Saturday, September 15, 2007

Second Breakfast

Today we took part in a repair day down in Owsley County called "repair affair" Our whole house along with about 15 of our friends came out to join the force of 100 volunteers in a kind of housing blitz on the county. Our particular job was to paint an entire house... completely white. Pure as the driven snow I always say. It was really fun because all of us volunteers, some who are not from housing, all got to work together. Jesse, Ross and I kept saying "forget about it" in the style of our recently departed New York friends. "You need a house painted, forget about it, it's done"...and so on. This started around breakfast and did not end until after we got back. Sometimes I hold on to a joke forever, but hey, that's comedic gold baby! Gotta strike while the iron's hot.

I thought I should tell you also how we eat. We get a food budget of 3$ per day per person and this is mainly for fruit, meat, and other perishables. BUT, there is this great place called "operation sharing" where any non-for-profit can go to get food and other needs. Well, we were able to pick up a shower stall for a home we're working on, some bottled water, and some Mexican cereal called Delicioso (it also comes in Delicioso coco) all in one place. Often times, companies will have products that will fail, and they will send it to CAP. For example, we got these delectable life saver gummies (called fruit-splosion) which are very similar to gushers and which I eat by the box full. The whole operation sharing is really a brilliant idea and many many people benefit from it. See what happens when you share?

Where else can you meet two New Yourkers who have plumbed every major hospital in New York but who are still willing to get under a small house in Kentucky for no money at all, where else can you buy a shower stall for a person in need and also buy delicious "Delicioso" cereal for some broke volunteers, where else will 25 kids get up to go scrape and paint for free when they could be watching either Michigan or Notre Dame (or both) embarrass themselves further? Only at CAP baby.

Today's word of the day: we miss the Johnson House

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