Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Precious Top 7

7 Things I love about CAP:
1. Working with Ross Abrams, captain and hero.
2. Free donated Gatorade in a leaky cooler on a 95 degree day
3. The broad shade of the mountains that lasts until 9 a.m.
4. The rope swing/lake baths
5. Reading what I want to read
6. Getting sweaty, dirty, and bloodied up on a regular basis
7. This is an adventure

7 Things I miss about U of Illinois:
1. Fever house (the people, the dirty dishes pile, the wood floors, the memory of it)
2. Long runs in endless corn fields on twilight summer nights or cool fall mornings
3. Green Street coffee with Dave in all his indie glory
4. Blind Pig and Robert the Bruce
5. Reading things I don't want to read and arguing crackpots about them
6. In a really odd way, catering and the bakery
7. St. John's and everything that involves

7 Words I learned in Kentucky:
1. Waspers (wasps)
2. Backer (tobacco)
3. Maters (tomatoes)
4. Feller (man)
5. Son (son)
6. Fixin to (going to)
7. Dinner (lunch)

7 Construction things I've done so far:
1. Framed up walls of a house
2. Installed windows
3. Tore off a roof, put down a new one
4. put up siding, and took down siding, and put up siding
5. installed insulation
6. put up metal covering on fascia boards
7. smashed the hell out of my finger

Quote of the day: (this goes out to Ross and Jennie) "I smoke, I drink, me too, that's cool, cuz we gunna take a ride tonight"


Em J. said...

I'm fixing to fix you'uns some dinner.

a.e. nee said...

so, i failed to tell you how very happy i was to receive your comments. loved the story, it reminds me of another. and also, what makes you think i'm fond of iron and wine?

p.s. thanks.

a.e. nee said...

i love iron & wine. choosing a fave song is like choosing a fave sibling, but for now i will say: sea and the salty breeze, trapeze swinger, and track six of the green album.

the delila song is sweeping

have you ever heard of the Avett Brothers?

a.e. nee said...

no, i have not.

amy s. said...

there's also "i don't care to" which means exactly the opposite of what it means in any other place in the country.