Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't Stop (Believin')

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late, but the Perfect Storm demands all of my attention these days.

We finished our first job today in triumph. Tomorrow we move on to the second Perfect Storm job of Workfest 2008. We have had various media guests from CAP; Bill the photographer as well as the video team. We saw Dave and his video team down in Tennessee doing a documentary on CAP and the disaster clean up. I told them about the perfect storm and last Thursday they showed up, eager to see the Perfect Storm dominating. Picture this. Me up on a ladder, the camera below me, Dave asking questions and me referring to the Perfect Storm as an "unstoppable poverty-eliminating machine". That's pure gold for any journalist. I wonder if it will make the video....

So. Shirley, the homeowner of our first job. Has a pet rooster. A baby rooster... which she said we could borrow. So, Ross and I, in all of our deviousness panned to put this rooster (named Roo Roo) in Jennie's room for her as a pre-Easter surprise of sorts. What a surprise it turned out to be; heralding in the Rising of our Lord with a mighty crow... and several more following it.

More to follow. The Perfect Storm takes a lot of energy.



Anonymous said...

Yep, that's pure gold for any journalist!!

And you and your mates are pure gold for those in need in the CAP served area!!

You got to boleeve, as Ozzie says!!

Christopher J said...

Keep up the good (and the devious) work!