Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well, I'm back.

The great event that was Workfest 2008 is now over and the Perfect Storm has passed into legend like all great heroes do. Parting from the PS and Workfest in general will be sweet sorrow. Sweet because I'm completely exhausted like I haven't been in some time. Sorrowful because it seems a human tragedy to separate such an effective poverty-eliminating machine.

Having the "kids" here has been quite the adventure. They came in on Sunday and by Thursday they were, for the most part, trained on how to perform the basic tasks. These young whippersnappers brought to the work site a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. It sounded cliche' to me by the end of the week, but it really is a great accomplishment for them to forgo the traditional drunken party in south beach for the rain-drenched, clay mud-coated hills of Kentucky for the week.

Ross and I proclaim the Perfect Storm a complete success. We finished one job completely, Shirley's and Buddy's home. We roofed it, sided it, insulated it, did a window, a door and finished a room on the inside. On our second job, Connie and Heather's, we completed about 3/4 of our work. We sided, did 2 huge porches, insulated, did a window and some floor work. Personally, I was somewhat surprised that I was able to lead our groups in construction work. I was always confident in Ross' abilities as he is the "perfect" part of the PS. But, things just happened to work out, as they usually do.

Other highlights from the week included: putting the rooster in Jennie's room, riding around in Ross' outreach truck yelling "Perfect Storm!" out the window, trying to get our kids to say to their friends that leaving the PS would be "like having a part of them amputated", baking breakfast for the students every Friday, introducing the students to the area and showing them why they should care that people here need help, bluegrass every Tuesday night, and of course - our precious guests hosts.

Today, after all the students had left to go back to academia, Ross and I joined some of our friends from the "east side" of CAP to go hiking at Red River Gorge. It was a blessing and a fitting reward to breathe the clean air and hike the mountains. We went for pizza after the hike and drank ALE 8. It was the perfect ending. Will I miss it? Yes. Do I know what job I'm on? No. But, I'll be there doing whatever it is that I do.

So, if you're down with the Perfect Storm, raise your glasses and toast to the men, the myths, the legend that is....The Perfect Storm.


Anonymous said...

Is that beard real?

Dtrain said...

You were drinking ALE-8?!?!?!? I WIN!!!!!!!

Dies Irae said...

The ship stayed up. You made me proud..."son"!

BTW-It wasn't you (and the PS) that I didn't have the utmost confidence in.