Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Perfect Storm Engulfs Kentucky. Seek Shelter.

The Storm has arrived!!!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, dear friends, WORKFEST 2008 and all of the hoopla and shenanigans that come along with it. Workfest lasts for 3 weeks in March and is the highlight of the CAP experience as well as the most important 3 weeks for housing. I have been looking forward to these weeks ever since I came to CAP and now that they are upon us, I can barely contain myself.

Ross Peters (aka St. Peters, warm front, and Ross the Kid) and I form what has commonly become known as "The Perfect Storm". The Perfect Storm was created in concept back in October, when Ross and I first thought up this genius and perfect work crew led by the both of us. We knew that if we combined our Jedi powers and united our two forces, the effect would form some kind of unstoppable, poverty-eliminating super crew. We have been combined to prank the McCreary Boys and Callista ("The Cat") on several occasions. When we went on disaster relief, the Perfect Storm gained strength over the state of Tennessee. For some reason, the volunteer department saw fit to give Ross and I a cargo van to take to disaster relief which has been appropriately named the Perfect Storm-mobile. After we completely cleaned up that state in a matter of days, we turned our attention to Workfest.

We are working on Shirley and her son Buddy's home. They are some of the most genuine, loving, and appreciative participants we have had and our work crew loves working for them. Our work crew hails from Eastern Illinois, Macomb, MI, and the University of Louisville. We have had Callista, Britney from the East Side, and Katherine (a former Jackson volunteer) as guest hosts this week and we have many more surprise guests to come. The Perfect Storm has already done, in three days, 75% of the siding on the house, insulation, half a roof, 2 windows and sofit on 75% of the home as well. We are completely dominating this job.

Ross and I have prepared identities for ourselves for every week. This week, he's a former NASA scientist and I'm a former British Navy sailor. Maybe next week Ross will be a former ballet dancer, who can say. Kevin Black keeps reminding me that in the movie the Perfect Storm, the boat sinks in the end...but we are prepared to accept any disastrous situations that should arise.

Cheers, and Holla at yo boy!!!

quote of the day:

Look, look at this. We got Hurricane Grace moving north off the Atlantic seaboard. Huge... getting massive. Two, this low south of Sable Island, ready to explode. Look at this. Three, a fresh cold front swooping down from Canada. But it's caught a ride on the jet stream... and is motoring hell-bent towards the Atlantic. What if Hurricane Grace runs smack into it? Add to the scenario this baby off Sable Island, scrounging for energy. She'll start feeding off both the Canadian cold front... and Hurricane Grace. You could be a meteorologist all your life... and never see something like this. It would be a disaster of epic proportions. It would be... the perfect storm.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Maverick" and "Goose" would work well for you two!

Christopher J said...

Just make sure that you're Maverick and not Goose...

Christopher J said...

No offense to Ross, of course