Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diesel fuel makes burning couches easier.

First off, Happy Earth day! The one (of many) days of the year when all the pagans get together and try to make all of us feel bad for driving cars, having jobs, and taking showers.

It's not that I hate the environment, quite the contrary really. I live a 'greener' life than most of the liberals who claim to be green when in truth they are simply following the trends of the time, trends marked by canvass grocery bags, stinky reusable diapers, and useless ethanol. But, this utterly pointless day always reminds me of perspective and relative importance.

We should value and protect the earth. We should protect it not because in and of itself this action is a good necessarily, but more to be good stewards of God's abundance. We should preserve and protect what we have been given for future generations of man, for the earth exists to provide for man and not the other way around.

The earth is God's artwork, His creation, His gift. And, of course, we should ask accordingly. If I owned a fine painting, a creation of utter beauty, I'd store it away out of the sunlight and out of the weather. I'd try to keep its value and its condition for my children to experience and enjoy. I'd share its beauty with all I could. But, if there was a fire in the house, I wouldn't send one person in for the painting and I would never feel badly about it.

We must ask ourselves why the 'fervor' for earth day has been re-invigorated in the last decade. Why did this horridly useless and contrived day, invented in 1970, suddenly become the obsession of pop culture and media (organized pop culture) as well as public schools? I have heard the thesis that the entirety of the green movement is the funneled remnant of the defeated Marxists. Some say that after the Berlin wall fell, there were many people that now had nothing to do. But how to achieve the same ends, the decline and fall of capitalism without government involvement? And thus the green movement was born, out of the Marxist philosophy, to achieve the ends of the fall of industrial, prosperous society. Because, if the ends of the green movement are achieved, we can bid farewell to what we have become accustomed to in terms of travel, energy, comfort, longevity, medical care, and a host of other technologies. Not to mention the implications on the family. The green movement has implanted the dangerous and grossly mistaken notion that children are a burden on society instead of a blessing. But in the society of green, where restrictions are placed on choices of energy use, dwelling location, and food consumption, how far off are restrictions on family size, religious expression, and vocation? The ruthless enforcer of green is big government, mainly because no one listens to hippies.

For the green movement, in its current manifestation, is reliant on big government, and now our big government is dedicated to the green movement.

Cheers to tire burning!


Christopher J said...

Do I detect a hint of the maniacal in this post?

Anonymous said...

Anyone extrapolating the "green" movement to mean family size control, restriction of religious freedom or vocation choice has far exceeded the common sense boundaries of this "movement", which it originally was not intended to be.

"Green" should simply mean using a conservative approach to how much you use of any resource and not being wasteful or reckless with same.

Actually, we should not really need to have someone tell us about this, but in today's world we are essentially told everything to do, what to think, how to act, etc, etc.

If you are parked and waiting for a while in the car, turn off the engine, if you are using the water hose in the yard, turn it off if you get distracted by a phone call instead of letting it run wastefully into the curb for an hour, if you are out fishing, contain your trash from your lunch and put into a trash can on shore instead of tossing it into the lake. These may seem laughable, but really, good, simple acts of stewardship for our beautiful gift of the Earth God has given us should be an everyday occurrence in each of our lives and probably, for the most part are.

So let's make everyday "Earth Day", but in the right and sensible way, using our head, that's the lump three feet above our a__ for those who do not know.