Thursday, April 30, 2009

V for Victory Garden

This year marks the first year I will be planting a garden. Mr. Crane has generously donated a small plot of land in the prairie adjacent to their beautiful farm home. I have planted brandy wine and beefsteak tomatoes, red and yellow onions, 2 kinds of peppers, spinach and cantaloupe. In addition, I'm planting basil, parsley, and mint. Something about having some fresh mimosas in August with some home made bruschetta and salsa sounds very appetizing.

Plus, there is such a value to working the land, in the dirt, smelling the dirt after a rain and weeding out intruders. There's a value also in nurturing something from inside the ground as it grows, tying stakes around the base to protect the weak plant from the wind, and laying out the garden just as you wish.

During World War 2, families all across the country planted Victory Gardens. These gardens contributed to the war effort, by alleviating stress on food providers. And, maybe more importantly, they gave families a real physical task to help their country. As individuals gave their lives for our freedoms, families helped themselves to help those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, we are in another kind of war, a war on the fundamental right of all humans which is the right to life. A group of radicals, focused in the left and personified by B.O., is mounting an assault on the unborn which has already begun. It seems that every decision made by King Hussein destabilizes our country, whether it be bowing to the Saudis or compromising with dictators and murderers. But, the most fundamental way of unmaking our society is by unmaking the family. And the most direct way of unmaking the traditional family is by the direct killing of its members by mass, senseless, illogical, and criminal abortion. Our government is the most focused and determined government in the world when it comes to advancing the culture of death and the abortionist agenda.

The point I'm trying to make is that we are moving further from safety, sanity and stability. And, if our society insists on making abortion a fundamental right, as H. Clinton insists, then we, the sensible and compassionate of our society who insist that the children of our country not be killed, must take the necessary steps to battle injustice and evil. If the abortionists insist on declaring war on our families, then we, those of the cross, will take up the battle cry and go singing in the sun. As Churchill declared when confronted with evil, "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival."

Call it a garden, or call it one step closer to separating from a corrupt society that is in serious need of correction. Victory counts more than ever. This is one small step.

Cheers to Victory!

"But heavier fates have fallen
The horn of the Wessex kings,
And I blew once, the riding sign,
To call you to the fighting line
And glory and all good things.

"And now two blasts, the hunting sign,
Because we turn to bay;
But I will not blow the three blasts,
Till we be lost or they.

"And now I blow the hunting sign,
Charge some by rule and rod;
But when I blow the battle sign,
Charge all and go to God."

-G. K. Chesterton.


Erica said...

Some of us garden despite whatever political issues going on in the world. I didn't read a single thing after the politic talk started, but if you do need advice on the garden, I'd gladly help.

Anonymous said...

Victory gardens were indeed a wonderful means for Americans to contribute in a patriotic way to support the war effort.

It's ironic that they elicit negative thoughts in me. But, that's the result of the deceitful progressivist movement. Like the B.O. administration today, progressives have always co-opted patriotic ideals and people to push their anti-freedom agenda - including contempt for religious values and God-given natural rights. Life, unborn and otherwise, is just one of those rights.

Ford motors, then as now, refused to get into bed with the federal government's overbearing 'Blue Eagle' program, and paid dearly for it. Who (among the Big Three) is laughing now?

Freedom isn't free, and it certainly isn't granted by the federal government.

Enjoy your victory garden. There's nothing like working the soil and growing things. Very good for the soul.

dies irae said...

You right-wing-radical!

Samwise Gamgee said...

Yeah, I've been getting a lot of guff for political talk and while abortion is not a political issue per say, or rather only a political issue, politics is an avenue to work towards its end. We either work to end it or permit those who support abortion, such as King Hussein, to continue their tyranny. Hey, another example of the war on life; choosing sides.

Anonymous said...

No need to be eloquent or well-versed, it's just plain wrong for people to judge the innocent and decide who lives and who dies.

If it's not a child, then you're not pregnant.

"Fundamental right" to kill????

How about the fundamental right to live?

Christopher J said...

American Papist had a nice blurb about how some folks try to shame Catholics by saying they are more devoted to the GOP than to the Faith. He said that his response is to just talk about the issues. Which, I believe, you manage to do well, Samwise. Last I checked -- and I could be wrong -- there was never a post about McCain per se, during the election season.

Abortion isn't a political issue any more than the Holocaust was -- would such critics have shamed Catholics for speaking out against Hitler? In fact, quite the contrary, as the historical record shows.