Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do.

I found VP Biden's comments about the current swine flu rather interesting. He said something to the effect that he would advise his family not to travel on planes or trains because he would like them to avoid confined places. And, concurrently through this whole situation, King Hussein et. al has vehemently refused to close the boarder with Mexico (which I'll let you figure out) or tell us to do anything but wash our hands. It is quite interesting, this argument, "Sure, I'd tell my family to do something for their well being but as for the rest of you, fend for yourselves. It's not like I'm supposed to warn you about these things as one of the most powerful men in the country."

Where have I heard this illogical statement before.... hmmm... let me think.

OH, that's right, it comes from every self proclaimed "Catholic" Democrat in regards to abortion. Biden, along with many others who were raised Catholic or claim to be Catholic (but who flagrantly and aggressively disregard what the Church teaches) will lamely claim that "While abortion is evil and I would never advise anyone in my family to get one, I don't think I/we as politicians should tell other people what to do regarding their health, be it mental, physical, or otherwise."

The problem with this illogical argument is that, as a politician, this is precisely what you are paid to do. You use your judgement and all of your person (conscience included) to make decisions regarding the governed as to what they should or should not do as it pertains to the health and well being of them self as well as the rest of the governed. Is it really such a hard stretch to say, "Well, my family deserves the best, and so they should or should not do X because it is unhealthy and dangerous. Maybe everyone else should or should not do X because, like my family, I want them to be well." -or- "Its horribly and violently destructive for my family and my daughter for her to have an abortion so she shouldn't do it. Maybe no one else should have an abortion because of its evil nature."

We really should not be surprised by Biden's foolishness, he's simply applying his broken logic to different situations. Unfortunately for us, the harmful consequences will persist every time he applies it.



Anonymous said...

Not sure who I cannot tolerate the most, B. O. or Biden.

Still, I am always looking for something positive in the situation and I think I found it in Biden.

At least, on occasion, he reveals what he really thinks and forgets the politacal lie he is supposed to say. Then he slips and tells the truth. Refreshing actually.

I beleive B. O. simply says what he is supposed to say, what he has been told to say, and he pretty much does that, almost never revealing what he might really think if it were his own family he was considering.

For example, how many children would he have if his wife had aborted them?

How can he love his own children so much, as the media has shown us in many photos and stories, yet be so supportive of killing other people's children in the womb?

Maybe he should forget the political lies and be honest once in a while.

There is only one thing that the USA President needs to have. That is character. Plain, simple good character and all that it involves.

The rest then falls into place.

What is the down side to his simply saying that "he loves his own children, is happy they are alive, and he wants other people to be able to do so as well, and will support them in their living"?

dies irae said...

To anonymous, B.H.O. has stated that if his daughter were to "make a mistake" he would not want them "PUNISHED with a baby". Where is the love for family in that?!

Biden is a liberal and liberalism focuses on the wants of the individual(s) over the rights of the community. Anytime that philosophy is used, it will always crumble on itself.

This also reminds me of their push for universal health care. When they cram it down our throats and the system collapses because there is no incentive for doctors to excel due to no competition, etc, do you think they will use the same cruddy system? No, they will reserve the best for themselves because "they deserve it" as the leaders of this country. We need to get these deadbeats off of the welfare system they've created for themselves!

Well, I didn't mean to get that mad. Now I've got to go to confession.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know why you often choose to call President Obama by his middle name--I've not noticed you doing this with anyone else, so why with Obama?

Samwise Gamgee said...

I call many people by their middle name, such as my good friend James.

But, I do like to point out B.O's middle name because I find it highly ironic that we overthrew a dictator half a world away only to get our own bearing the same name.