Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Twist Cone - a model for world peace and Sacramental marriage

My apartment at the old folks home is very close to the Jerseyville Dairy Freeze, the finest ice cream stand this side of the Mighty Miss. Amanda and I are frequent connoisseurs of the DF as they have 4 rotating flavours as well as 3 staples; vanilla, chocolate and a mix of the two, known as "the twist".

And I must say, is not the perfect marriage of vanilla and chocolate soft serve blended in equal proportion the single greatest culinary creation known to the frozen desert milieu? This is known at the DF as "the twist." It is not only the most superior ice cream soft serve combo, but also a model for world peace.

Since we are very much in the final stages of marriage preparation, like trench warfare, the swirl reminds me of the Sacrament of Marriage. Please fasten your seat belts as I take you on the most delicious analogy of all time.

See the chocolate and vanilla are both distinct and unique. Chocolate is not Vanilla, nor is vanilla chocolate. But, when the two become one, they achieve their highest end as endowed by their creator. For Chocolate was not meant to be alone, it was specifically made for vanilla. And through their union come great gifts, the greatest gifts.

The chocolate should not try to be vanilla. It should try to achieve the greatest perfection as chocolate. Equally, vanilla should embrace and fulfill its mission as vanilla and so achieve its greatest happiness. Each compliments the other in this magnificent union.

This is pure theological magic, plain and simple.



Dtrain said...

So you contend that this 'Tasty Freeze' is better than Coldstone?

John said...

Have you considered the fact that you might be crazy?

That said, I like where your head is at.

Anonymous said...

Great theological analogy, I too like where your head is at, but let's face it.

Soft serve ice cream may well be one of man's top ten inventions of all time!

Christopher J said...

Happy Birthday, Vanilla!