Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sad day for Catholic education

Today, Chairman Obama gave the commencement address at Notre Dame.

I'm not sure how to respond to this other than with prayer and fasting. But, we must also realize that Notre Dame has forfeited its Catholic identity. This has been coming for the better part of 3 decades, but today seemed to culminate that reality. Today they honored the most pro abortion politician in the history of our country. Violating their bishop's wishes and insulting the Church who since its creation has opposed abortion.

Prayer and fasting are our best recourse. So, pray the rosary, go to mass, go to adoration and pray. And I will do the same.

This is a war - our war this side of eternity and we must not shy away from it.



Lauren said...

"The most pro abortion politician in the history of our country?" Hardly. I'll forgive the exaggeration, though, and instead offer a call to action. Prayer and fasting are always appropriate responses, but perhaps you should consider working for positive change in this situation through other means. Fighting Roe v. Wade may be a futile battle, but there are hundreds of winnable battles that play out everyday in the lives of women who are considering abortion. Look compassionately on such women, try to understand their dilemma (instead of simply condemning the option they are considering), and consider what can realistically be done to encourage and make it possible for them to choose other options, what can be done to prevent them from facing that decision in the first place. There are multitudinous ways to do this, among which are supporting rape crisis centers or agencies that provide support services for young mothers (particularly those who are poor and those do not have the support of a partner) and lobbying for things that will make having a child more manageable for a woman who may be faced with raising the child alone. You value life? Put your actions behind that value.

Samwise Gamgee said...

Hey Lauren, it's good to hear from you ... and good to know you're still reading the old blog!

I'll address your comment in a post because it's too long and I can't add links.

Hope you are well.

Christopher J said...

Lauren, you make some very good points. It is critical that the pro-life movement not ignore one of the central subjects of abortion, the mothers. Of course, the murdered baby is the most damaged person, but so often we forget that the mothers too are greatly wounded by their abortions. Overwhelming numbers of them are scarred for life by the fact (often realized shortly after the abortion) that they have killed their child. It is no accident that the crucial ministry to these mothers is starting to really take off thanks to such wonderful organizations as Rachel's Vineyard (

However, you seem to be forcing a false contradiction upon those who oppose legal abortion and work to overturn Roe v Wade. Fighting for the banning of abortion is a wonderfully loving thing to do, as well as all the ways you listed of loving the mothers. In fighting to make abortion illegal, you not only love the babies who are/will be killed by legal abortion by trying to fight for their right to life, but you are also loving the women who bring inestimable pain upon themselves in making this life shattering decision. Surely, if abortion is ever made illegal again in this country (whether nationally or state by state) some women will still seek it out illegally, or in a neighboring state or country where it is legal. But we don't make other crimes legal simply because we know they are going to be committed, rather, we try to do our best societally and legally to prevent them from happening.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have been wanting to know some real data about abortions in the USA. I take the blame for not knowing, but at some point I will do enough research to know more.

What is the "classic description" of who really has an abortion in the USA?

Is it mostly the poor?

Are they USA citizens, or from abroad here in the USA to use our hospitals.

Is it mostly women pregnant from rape?

Is it mostly single women? Does the Father know about the pregnancy?

Does the child's Father support the abortion decision?

Do they "demand" it?

Are they aware of it?

After an abortion, do most women regret it, or are they happy with their decision?

Do women that have abortions get a second one? Third?

Is it mostly women under 21? If not, what is the prevalent age group?

Does race make a difference? If so, what does the data show?

See, right now, I believe most abortions in the USA are simply a quick, convenieint way to "sweep a problem under the rug". The Mother has options, is smart, has funds and has family. But having a child is just too much of a problem. Not really in the plans either. Very embarrasing. A career stopper. Maybe even some stress on the Mother's body she is not ready for.

But I could be wrong.

In the USA we have a right to life and that is clear in our Constitution. Stopping babies from living while still in the womb is simply murder. Think this through. We weep over pets dying, hate to see a garden plant die, can't bear to look if it seems James Bond will soon buy the farm, protect the seals, lament the elephant dying at the zoo, hate to see a robin egg broken on the sidewalk, really try not to look at the deer killed along the highway. Yet, we allow abortion!!

The President has his highest power in the leading of the mindset of the citizens. If he speaks about abortion as a right, speaks of it as a simple choice, speaks of it as a common place solution to something not wanted, then, many will follow his words.

I am no Sociologist, but what I think is really driving the abortion issue numbers in the USA is sexual promiscuity. Nothing is safeguarded anymore about sexual relationships. It is considered a given, occurs often, anytime, with anyone, condidered OK, maybe even preferrred over abstinence. Much pressure is applied, many ads are viewed, many shows support this activity, it is really second nature to many people.

Thus, many unwanted pregnancies. Thus many easy "fixes" for the "inconvenience".

Let's learn to love and repect Mothers to be, love and respect babies in the womb, love and respect Fathers to be, respect a decision to abstain, respect all life. Let's all be leaders in this great endeavor and continue to pray that our elected leaders will learn to love and respect ALL life.

Christopher J said...

Amen, Anonymous.