Monday, May 18, 2009

Response to an old friend

I'll address your second point first, as I think we have the most common ground on it. I agree that a conversion of hearts is necessary AND that physical work is needed in addition to spiritual work. If as you suggest, Roe v. Wade is not over turned, we need to focus on an individual hearts and on converting individual hearts to sanity. And when it comes to that job, the Holy Spirit is vastly more effective than we can ever be. So, the spiritual work is more important than the physical work, but the physical work is immensely important as well! I don't know if you are referring to me personally or the general 'you' but we support life in 3 main physical means to end abortion; crisis pregnancy centers, political means, and legal means. Politically we support the Illinois Students for Life, which also is a prayer organization in many ways. We also participate in prayerful, peaceful protests and prayer vigils. For crisis pregnancy centers, we are participating through our parish in a baby bottle fund to raise funds for single mothers who need help buying diapers, food, etc. for their unborn children. We also support in time and money the Arms of Love crisis pregnancy center which helps women who have an unexpected pregnancy by providing resources and supplies such as clothes, cradles, and other materials in addition to counseling and spiritual support. Legally, we support such organizations as the Thomas More Society because they are pro-life and protect not only unborn children but also doctors who refuse to kill the old or the unborn, pharmacists who refuse to give birth control, and individual free speech.

These are the physical works we (personal we) try to engage in and the 'real world' means of battle. As far as compassion goes, abortion is the opposite of compassion. Planned Parenthood, amongst others, takes fragile, scared women and tells them that the best thing for them is to kill their child. Abortion can never be compassionate because of its nature. Many women every day seek real answers and real help, and what they get is deception, legal and funded by the federal government, mainly through planned parenthood - but they are only the head of the snake. We (we Christians, the church militant) must provide real solutions to women in need, real compassion, Christian compassion, and care for her entire person. We (the personal we) try to do so as mentioned above.

As for King Hussein and his pro abortion agenda. We can address what he has done while in office, what he has planned to do in office, and what he did before he was in office. In his short time in office B.O. has lifted restrictions on funding abortions abroad and also increased funding drastically to embryonic stem cell research. In addition, his administration has lobbied heavily with the U.N. to make abortion "a fundamental right" to all people. What he plans to do while in office, going by what he promised to do in his campaign is to enact the so called "freedom of choice act" or FOCA, which would lift all restrictions on abortion and FORCE doctors (even conscientious objectors) to perform abortions. But, these horrors pale in comparison to what he has already done. During his time in the Illinois legislature, B.O. spoke out in OPPOSITION to the "Born Alive Act." The Born Alive Act asserted that doctors MUST rescue and aid a baby who was born despite the sinister attempts to abort it. Previously, doctors were letting babies breathing outside of the womb die. President Obama spoke out AGAINST this bill siting that it would extend rights to the unborn child that would prevent abortion. This is infanticide and he refused to stop it or say it should be stopped. He supported even infanticide to keep abortion legal in my state.

I don't know of any other politician who favors lifting all restrictions on abortion, making abortion a fundamental right, increasing funding abortion abroad and domestically, and the practice of infanticide, but maybe there are some out there that have done that in our country and if there are I'd love to know their identity.

While Mr. Hopey-Changy talks of building a society in where abortion is less necessary, his actions support a society in which abortion is a foundational right. This is the difference between political rhetoric and facts. The facts are against B.O., but while those in our country continue to let themselves be lulledby the good-looking slick talking man, we will continue to live in a state of dilusion.



dies irae said...

It's also kind of hypocritical that he would not want a woman (namely if it was his daughter) to be "punished" by a child, but yet he is born of a single mother and we haven't heard him consider himself her punishment...or have we?

I heard a woman on the radio this morning talking about an abortion that she had for the reason that she did not want to make life hard for the one year old child she already had. Be that her intentions may have been "noble", the end did not justify her actions. When asked by the radio host if she sought help to keep the child, she gave a hesitation first then proceeded into a vague "yes" that spoke more of a "no".
From my experience with those who support abortion or have supported someone to have an abortion, they would not have let the child live even if help was promised everyday.

This comes under the "reproductive rights" clause. Ironically, the one's "rights" destroys another.

Christopher J said...

By far the best mainstream media coverage I've seen of the ND Debacle came in an article in the WSJ. Check it out, and support a guy willing to stand up for life in the public square. The last three paragraphs are outstanding.