Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climate change cover-up

For years, I have been trying to tell people how "global warming (or climate change as it is more popularly called now because the earth is in fact cooling)" is less scientifically based and more a means of controlling production and socializing citizens.

This article chronicles great evidence to this claim. Apparently many prominent "scientists" have been covering up data and changing their data to confirm their hyped up false theories. They tried to delete their corrupt emails but a hacker found them and published them. This is what happens when governments and private funds need certain theories to be true. They give these "scientists" money and say, "here is millions of dollars, prove this theory or we won't give you any more money." And if you think this is an exaggeration, ask any climate scientist or soil scientist, or anyone who gets government funds regarding climate (or many other fields that can be remotely linked to global climate change). Ask them where their money comes from. Then you'll see where their motivation lies. Or, ask yourself how much money Al Gore has made off of his lies. Hundreds of millions is the answer, and that does not even include the hundreds of millions in investments he has in "green" companies that will soon become leviathan cash cows because of government mandated climate laws.

There is a river of dirty money running through this place, as Red would say in Shawshank Redemption. Watch the money, and you'll see why this is not a legitimate science.


Anonymous said...

If Cap and Tax becomes law, most all people in the USA will be eating franks and beans a lot more often.

dies irae said...

An interesting article on the U.N.'s assumption that global warming is causing an increase in prostitution in the Philippines.

All this global warming stuff seemed to start with Mr. Gore and his henchmen so if we just put duct tape over the mouths of the U.N. officials and all politicians, we wouldn't have to worry about global warming because the earth will begin to cool.