Thursday, November 12, 2009

Craftsman automatic hammer.

Possible catch phrases for this new invention:

"The Autohammer. Just in time, I've lost the ability to use my arms due to laziness."

"The Autohammer. Might work for longer than a day."

"The Autohammer. The best China made product for automatically driving nails. Until it breaks."

"The Autohammer. You might get about a half hour out of it."

"The Autohammer. You'll be surprised how efficient 34,000 light taps can partially drive in a nail."

"The Autohammer. Hope you kept your real hammer because this piece probably won't work at all. Sorry."

"The Autohammer. Why aren't I just using a screw gun?"


Anonymous said...

Looked like it worked well on the commercial.

I say we get a dozen of them donated and sent to CAP and properly field tested.

dies irae said...

Would this come under the "power power power tools" section? If so there would have to be an OSHA approved training presented by Bernard in the safety video and no one under 18 could use them at CAP.

Otherwise, we can give them to WorkFest volunteers that use the "choke hammer" style.