Saturday, November 7, 2009

The future of ambulance chasers in America

I first heard this point made by Dr. Janet Smith in a lecture she gave about 10 years ago. The argument can be summed up like this: birth control is the new tobacco. In the same way tobacco companies have been sued countless times due to the harmful effects of their products, we are now beginning to see this trend with the birth control industry.

This afternoon I saw a commercial, a lawyer commercial like you see with asbestos or water pollution. It was advertising the bevy of law suits being brought against Yaz due to the rapid increase of damages caused by Yaz being brought to the public attention. Yaz is the most popular and widely used form of contraceptive birth control. Yaz is a product of Bayer, the German pharmaceutical company. Bayer innovated Aspirin as it now exists today. You may also remember them from such atrocities as being a financial core of the Nazi drive to power, or as the producer of the gas that killed the Jews at Auschwitz, or as the perpetrator of a variety of other crimes against humanity, including killing of the unborn. I suppose patterns of killing the innocent are hard to shake off for this company. Unfortunately there are no Allies coming to military aide for the innocent unborn. What a difference half a century makes. But, back to the point at hand.

Recently, it has come to wide public attention
that Yaz, used by millions of women across the U.S., causes among other things; blood clots, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks, kidney issues, stroke, and death. During my time of unemployment, I got a chance to watch a lot of daytime T.V. TBS, TNT, and other stations would run Yaz advertisements 2-3 times every hour. It's no wonder Yaz stirred up over half a billion dollars for Bayer last year. Much like the "industry" the company engaged in during World War two, they have managed to make money in the most atrocious ways imaginable.

This should really not come as a surprise to anyone familiar to the history of the oral contraceptive. All of these side effects, now surprisingly sprung upon our society, have been side effects of the oral contraceptive since its creation. In fact, during the development of the pill, several women died, and many others suffered side effects such as these. But, undeterred companies like Bayer have continued to pioneer in the killing of the innocent while manipulating and poisoning our mothers.

This is my point: the pill, the oral contraceptive, is poison. It does freakishly unnatural things to a woman's body, wreaks havoc on marriages, contributes to the attitude that propagates abortion, leads to abuse of women including objectification of women, and contributes to general societal chaos. I find it increasingly ironic and tragic that in an age that is so concerned with going green, organic this and Prius that, we continue to ignore the unnatural chemical abuse of women's bodies as a result of taking birth control.

And, what's more ironic, the greatest argument I hear from feminists is that birth control is liberating for women, giving them freedoms do do as they please as they have never seen before. But at what cost? Is the goal of this freedom to be more respected, more valued, have safer and stabler families or be treated as a fully dignified human person. Because, if you look at the general moral trend of our country and dominant culture, women are markedly less respected and less valued as is evident by many movies, popular music (particularly rap, but also rock), style and fashion, etc. For true freedom is not to do simply as you please, but to be free is to live in a natural order or for the Christian, in the order as ordained by Christ, to be in the light of Christ.

I would bet a shiny new dime that this trend is only just beginning. Because physically, psychologically, and especially spiritually, the pill is bad for women. And, we've known that for a very long time.


Anonymous said...

Certainly I am no expert on the psychology of women's or men's thinking, but it does seem clear that birth control does more overall harm to society than good. Thanks for this clearly worded and insightful blog.

By "freedom", I assume they mean "sexual freedom" to be active sexually outside of marriage.

Is this truly a "freedom"? Seems it might actually be a "burdon".

Why is it that our society gets away with the assumed thinking that women are somehow "required" to be sexually active outside of marriage? This demand is also reflected on women thinking they have to sultry at all times. Why is it that the true worth of a woman is so reduced by this approach and we all simply accept it?

The sadly ironic thing about some of the women's groups seems to me that they are really not about the true well being of women.

Another example. Where are the women's groups in relation to how women are treated in some areas of the world? Why not more vocal activism on their behalf?

Also, why not more vocal activism on the abortion issue? Why don't liberal women's rights groups stand up and demand that women are told about the lifelong damaging effects abortion has on them so they can make a better decision and choose life?

I saw a bill board recently and it showed a sad woman at a cemetary leaning on a grave stone. The grave stone was marking the grave a baby and the woman was crying and in agony.

The caption read:


Obviously it was a caption not unlike those reported after military actions, and it accurately described the aftermath of abortion.

Hopefully, companies that make products that are actually harmful to the user will be held more accountable for the damage. At the very least, they should be made to prove without a doubt that they did an adequete job of forewarning. In our society action depends largely on finacial consequences, so if these suppliers are held finacially accountable for harm, there is hope for improvement.

dies irae said...

I've spoken with some who have claimed that there is no proof that contraception has an effect on promiscuity and I tell them the following story told to me by a plumber who was part of this:

He said that he and his worker were called out to a home because the septic was not working. After running a "snake" down the clean-out on the outside of the home in the sewer line, they were able to dislodge and retrieve the problem: a knot of condoms. About this time, the man of the house came home from work and the plumber, being slightly crass, holds the condoms up and yells out something to the ridiculing tone of "hey, buddy, I found out what your septic problem was". The plumber said at that moment the man runs into the house and there is a lot of yelling between him and his wife and before too long she runs out of the house.
The catcher: he didn't use condoms, but the one who did was flushing them down the toilet to hide the evidence.

That's proof enough for me.

As far as the "greenies" and the "pill" are concerned, there has been numerous reports of fish mutations in rivers due to synthetic hormones passed from the female body into the sewer and finally into the rivers. But yet, where is the outcry for justice for the environment? Instead, groups like the Sierra club promote population control even to the point of abortion.

Anonymous said...

This is a well written post. I agree that the story the second comment presented certainly can make an impact. I heard a priest say in regards to using contraception in marriage its like one of them is saying to the other "I love you, but not your sperm i.e." How degrading and emasculating/anti-feminine is that?! I would feel quite offended, but considering the wool has been pulled over so many people's eyes and the emotions have been placed in a box to not feel anything considering society is telling you it is normal to use one another. Very sad. Prayers.

Anita Moore said...

So what if women die from the pill? That's one less carbon footprint.

That the Watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) don't care about the poisoning of women is entirely consistent. The Watermelons are purveyors of the culture of death.