Friday, June 26, 2009

Beers by HTNL part 3: Schlafly's Pale Ale

The third beer under review by HTNL is Schlafly's Pale Ale brewed in St. Louis.

This amber colored ale is, by this author's estimation, the staple of the Schlafly arsenal of beers. The hops shine through the caramel malts like rays of sunlight through a cloudy sunset. The Ale is by no means over powering. But, this may be one of its greatest strengths. This non overpowering quality makes it a great summer ale. It is a little hop heavy, as is customary of pale ales and doesn't sit heavily on the palate or in your stomach. It reminds me of New Belgium's Fat Tire in this respect. I declare it enjoyable, not outstanding, but quality none the less.

Its the kind of beer you can drink a couple of and still not be afraid to run around afterwards or sit outside in the blisteringly hot Southern Illinois humidity riddled weather.


HTNL rating of 7.95/10


John said...

I remember discovering that fine brew with you. I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment.

Anonymous said...

Tried it while in town a week or so ago.

I also agree with your assessment.