Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For those of you who think the economy might not be as bad as we all expect it is, I'd like to chronicle for you the jobs I have been rejected from over the last 4 months.

18 contractors in the river bend area
Carpenter's restaurant
Gentelin's restaurant
Aires winery
Piasa winery
Godfrey winery
10 different professors from Wash U. and SLU
JCH workout center
Mulligan's restaurant
John Deere factory
4 at Lewis and Clarke Community College: Academic adviser, landscaper, maintenance, T.A.
4 at SLU - academic adviser, maintenance, and 2 research jobs
Jerseyville Bowling arena
"Farm N' Home" Jerseyville and Alton, IL
Conoco Phillips Oil Refinery
518 Restaurant
St. John's Catholic school dean of students
male model

So, if you think the economy is getting better, this is pretty interesting data to the contrary.

Cheers to living in a box this winter.


Anonymous said...

Come on, that is pretty hard to believe!!

A Wegrzyn man being rejected as a male model.

I doubt it!!!!

Will H said...

If only you were the dean of students at St. John's. You could yell at the top of your lungs "Fever Hoooousseeee!"

And put us on double secret probation, until we washed our dishes.

The horror, the horror....

Christopher J said...

Some things (Male Model) simply cannot be blamed on a poor economy...