Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicago Civil War

This week marks the first of two 3 game series between the White Sox and Cubs. This series is always a lot of fun, setting baseball fans against each other and driving a wedge in the city that only the Bears season can undo. From this Tuesday until both teams go out of the playoffs, tensions are high between fans. But, whenever Bears season rolls around, we always make amends and start complaining about quarterback whoever.

Whenever this series came every summer, various friends who root for the North Side loafer sanz socks and khaki wearing trust fund managers and I don't speak and pretend like the series never happened. The co-owner of Gaffers and I would do our lawns and odd jobs and pretend for 3 days that baseball didn't exist and a word was never spoken about it. It was the only way to handle the situation.

I'd like to close with a quote from Ozzie Guillen, White Sox manager and loudmouth Venezuelan

"One thing about Wrigley Field, I puke every time I go there, and that's just being honest."

Go Sox!

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Christopher J said...

It is the only way...

Christopher J said...

At your wedding Dave and I talked baseball for a little while and both pretended like hating the other team was so silly -- why not just root for your team and not care about the other? Then we both realized we were totally making that up and and admitted our mutual unbounded and undying hatred.

Go Cubs!

grandmaonthefarm said...

OOOOH! I'm jealous to have missed out on living in a city with 2 teams - all that competition, enmity and contention! All we got was two cities and one team. Go Twins!

Dtrain said...

This is the year that we break their will forever.

Anonymous said...

Acquiring Milton Bradley was a good move, was it not?????????

But Zambrano is still the thug of the millenium.

Christopher J said...

One word -- a word with even more consonants clustered together than Wegrzyn:


Christopher J said...

Not to mention, the millenium is young... There's plenty of time for B.O. to overtake Big Z. All Z did was destroy a gatorade machine, not the entire country.