Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Post of a Married Man

You'll be pleased to know that the Sacramental bling on my left hand does not hinder my typing abilities.

Yesterday, Amanda, my wife, and I returned returned from Charleston, South Carolina, and I now have the ability to reflect a bit on what all has happened and maybe what it all means.

The wedding itself was beautiful and I daresay flawless. We tried to reflect in our mass not only the beauty of Catholicism but also the beauty of a faithful Catholic life. When one thinks of art, one often overlooks the Liturgy as a prominent art form. But it is indeed an art form. The wedding Mass was awe inspiring. Veronica, our friend from Oregon and professional opera singer was phenomenal. Cary, my friend from high school and professional musician was inspiring on trumpet. Our trio of Hurtubise brothers was also moving. Everyone joined in together on the Latin chant parts to make the mass moving to the point of tears for us.

The reception as well went off without a hitch. Everything from the catering to the drinks to the music and DJ Killanoize made the celebration most satisfactory. But more than these, the presence of our many friends and family made our wedding truly special. It was almost like what envisioned going to heaven might be like. It was so strange seeing people from our past in several locations coming together and talking. How is Uncle Bill from Missouri talking to Jesse .... where am I. And you are here, and YOU! But, after the initial shock wears off and your brain begins to process everything, you are filled with this unexplainable joy.

That is how marriage is for me thus far, an unexplainable joy. It isn't quite what I expected it would be, feeling wise. The best way I can describe it is as a deep contentment and peace. I've felt it since our mass and until now and it fills me with utter joy.

Our honeymoon was in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is good for a few things; great food, history, and relaxation. The two restaurants we enjoyed the most were "Slightly North of Broad" or SNOB, and COAST seafood. Charleston is know for exquisite restaurant scene and we wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

My other favorite part of the trip was our trip to Fort Sumter. This is where the Civil war, er rather the war of Northern aggression started. The fort is in the bay just outside Charleston and was an important fortification for many years. When South Carolina seceded, they demand that the fort be returned by the occupying Northern garrison. When the Yanks refused, the Confederates opened fire, thus beginning the civil war. The Confederates took back the fort and kept it until Charleston was abandoned later in the war. But they were never driven out despite the immense bombardment from the Union.

The park ranger told a great story about the fort. Apparently after the war was over, President Lincoln was invited to Fort Sumter to re-raise the Union flag, the American flag. Lincoln, knowing that he wasn't the most popular man in South Carolina, declined and instead decided to go to the theater... And I think we know how that ended up. So the ranger told us that if we ever have the choice of going to Charleston or somewhere else, always chose Charleston. That's good advice.



Christopher J said...

Cheers, indeed!

Glad to hear you guys enjoyed your time in Charleston. I can't wait to hear about it.

I put up a toast for you guys on my blog. I think you'll like it.

"War of Northern Aggression"

Anonymous said...

We reflect on your wonderful wedding every day!

Welcome home.

dies irae said...


Also, did you know that good ol' Abe wasn't even on the S.C. voting ballot?

I rejoice with you in your Sacrament! I'm sorry that I was such a slacker and missed out.

By the way, Op Share just got in a truckload of clothes. What size do you wear?

Whiskey said...

Nicely done, sir!