Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buehrle's Perfect Game and the Stench of B.O.

Today Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game! Just the 18th perfect game in the entire history of baseball and only the 2nd by a White Sox pitcher! It was amazing, pure, and impressive.

Just after the game, the pureness of it all was taken away by the disgusting presence of B.O. Mark was taken away from the media interviews to take a call from B.O. the White Sox "greatest fan" according to ESPN. King Hussein said in jest (or perhaps in seriousness) that his White Sox jacket worn at the all star game was the reason for the perfect game.

IS THERE NOTHING THIS TYRANT CAN NOT RUIN! care....American image.....American industry....White Sox....all ruined! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!


dies irae said...

Obama said a police force in Cambridge acted stupidly in an incident while yet admitting he did not know all the facts. (Google it to find the links)

2010! May we hope for a change!

Anonymous said...

I was unaware of the "Perfect Game" until Mom just told me.

A great feet for a great White Sox pitcher!

I was able to see the no-hitter two years ago, though, so I know how exciting this is. Against a good team too.

I will predict that many Cubs fans will change over to the baseball team in Chicago that knows how to win!! (ref: 2005 World Series)

When that happens, we simply make the remaining few Cubs fans take BO as one of theirs. Simple really, and a great trade for us. Not even a trade really, we simply release him and require he return the jacket also.

This will start to turn the tide back to sanity. His ratings are plummeting, and as they do, his dictatorship will too.

Funny how he keeps saying how Mayo has it right and is the model for the new formula in health care.

Two things wrong with that.

One, Mayo themselves actually denounced his new plan!!

Two, going to Mayo can be a complete trainwreck; they do not have it "right" and are the same as any other place, (with more windows though). They may think that you should have some kind of referral just to see them, but that in a way is completely contrary to their abiltiy to supposedly diagnos cases using their own alleged "expertise". Except to use them, you have to spend more of your own money traveling, etc. Defintely not a good thing for the average citizen.

As I write this, I can now see why BO holds them out as a role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher J said...

Reagan was a Cubs fan; BO a Sox 'fan'... Just sayin'.

Christopher J said...

Nevertheless, congrats to Buerhle. Big Z's was probably my favorite moment as a Cubs fan. Good stuff.

grandmaonthefarm said...

Andy, I notice in your profile the word calm. So part of your self-identity is inner serenity? It seems Mr. Hopie-Change is making you something you don't want to be. Do you want to give him that power too?
One of the beauties of watching baseball is it gives us a respite from our everyday concerns. To have a politician insert himself is to be robbed of that needed relaxation of the mind. Did I really need to see Mr. Mom-Jeans throw out the first pitch (throwing like a girl) at the All-Star Game?
Remember, in the Providence of God every good thing B.O. attempts to destroy will double back on him and bring about His purposes. If nothing else, the refining of our nation.