Monday, July 20, 2009

Quote of the Day

The salient point of that 1,200-page cap-and-trade monstrosity was that, in its final form, it was so huge that at the time the House voted it into law there was no written version of the bill, because Congressional typists were unable to type as fast as Congress can spend: They're legislating on such a scale that the poor bleeding typing fingers of the House stenographers can't keep up. Which means you can't keep up the payments on it all.

-Mark Steyn


Andy said...

While that statement illustrates a disturbing reality, it isn't actually *true*.

Anonymous said...

It is inarguable that BO is trying to push through as much of his Socialist agenda as possible before his ratings slide any further and he may not then be able to.

For such far reaching and important bills to be voted on before any realistic understanding of them, much less debate thereof, is an atocity, and a rip-off of the USA voters.

Samwise Gamgee said...

Is that even legal? To pass a law that’s not in writing? Hey, relax. Someone probably tweeted the high points. It’ll be out there somewhere. The White House asked Ashton Kutcher to tweet National HIV Testing Day, so I’m sure they asked Lady Gaga or Perez Hilton to tweet National Unread Unwritten Fifteen-Hundred-Page Bill Day. No taxation without Twitterization!

steyn again